Ted Jenkins - Mixer, Music Producer

Ted Jenkins - Mixer, Music Producer

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Mixer, Music Producer

Ted Jenkins Creating and curating audio content included with Sound Forge, ACID and Vegas DAW/NLEs and SpectraLayers Pro audio restoration software. Performing high-volume sound design, content selection and editing, music and demo composition, metadata management and physical master production for over 150 media content libraries. Editing and remixing 200+ major-label artists, ranging from Miles Davis, Nine Inch Nails and Madonna to Eminem, Korn and David Bowie. 

Managing and maintaining master audio content libraries and catalogs, along with related duties, including metadata tagging, media asset tracking and audio qualitative analysis. Creating and maintaining software documentation; defining technical processes and creative guidelines. Working in tandem with the Operations Team to define and streamline processes; assisting with DAM and PIM management. Introducing data analysis, metrics and SEO to inform copy architecture and page design. Creating a large, attribute-based catalog system for production music.

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