Become a Sound Mentor

We're seeking remote, part-time Sound Mentors to support our students in reaching their goals.

What is a Sound Mentor? A Sound Mentor is an expert advisor who guides students through a customized, multi-week learning process to help the student reach their goals. Similar to a personal trainer for music, mentors provide structured activities and exercises, give feedback on student work, share advice and personal experiences, and have musical discussions with students. Mentors work remotely and communicate with students through video calls, phone calls, Discord, and email.

What is a custom mentorship session? A custom mentorship session is a 4-6 week program tailored to a student's individual musical or engineering goal. The mentor works with the student to create a Learning Plan with weekly steps to reach their goal. The mentor's role is to support, encourage, validate, and give feedback to help the student progress. Depending on the goal, the mentor may provide practice exercises, feedback on work, reference materials, and more. Many students who sign up for mentorship also have access to Sound Mentors Pro courses which mentors can use to assist the student in enhancing their skills.

How does it work? As a Sound Mentor, you will be assigned up to 8 students, based on availability and enrollment. You will work one-on-one with each student to help them reach their goal. Communication primarily happens through email, video calls, and Discord.

Commitment: 1-3 hours per student per week.


  • Weekly Communication: Reach out to each student weekly via email and 45-60 min video call to guide them through the course or Learning Plan and keep them motivated.
  • Feedback: Offer in-depth feedback on student's weekly activities and progress.
  • Admin Tasks: Communicate frequently with Chief of Operations and keep student records updated.
  • Additional Support: Offer extra value to students, such as sending relevant materials, explaining concepts, or demoing a topic.


  • Excellent Communication Skills: Comfortable communicating frequently through email and phone.
  • Knowledge and Experience: Have substantial knowledge and experience in at least one area of music or engineering.
  • Desire to See Students Grow: Have a passion for helping musicians and audio engineers reach their goals with patience, understanding, and positivity.
  • Love for Learning: Confident in skills but constantly seeking to learn more about music and audio.

Interested in becoming a Sound Mentor? Visit our application form to start. We're excited to hear from you!