Sound Editing

This course covers the techniques and processes used in editing sound for film, television, and video games. Topics include: dialogue editing, ADR, Foley, sound effects, and music editing. Students will learn how to use industry-standard software and tools such as Pro Tools, iZotope RX and Waves plug-ins. By the end of the course, students will have the skills needed to create professional-quality soundtracks for visual media.
Some of the topics covered in the course include:
  • Recording Techniques: Delve into the various techniques used for recording audio, including microphone placement, room acoustics, and signal processing.

  • Sound Design: This class will explore the art of creating and manipulating sound effects to enhance the overall audio experience of a project.

  • Dialogue Editing: Focus on the process of editing dialogue, including cleaning up unwanted noise, matching levels, and creating ADR.

  • Music Editing: Covering the techniques used for editing music, including time stretching, pitch shifting, and creating loops.

  • Mixing and Mastering: Processes of combining and balancing all the audio elements in a project, as well as the final step of mastering the audio for distribution.

  • Advanced Sound Editing Techniques: Student will learn more advanced techniques such as 3D audio and binaural recording.

  • Sound for Visual Media: Focus on the specific needs of sound editing for visual media, such as film and video games.

  • Sound Preservation and Archiving: The importance of preserving and archiving audio recordings for future use.

  • Professional Practices and Ethics: The ethical and professional considerations involved in the sound editing industry, such as copyright laws and client relations.

  • Sound Effects Library: The use of sound effects libraries and the process of selecting and incorporating the appropriate sound effects into a project.

  • Foley: This class will jump into the art of creating sound effects through the use of live recordings and Foley techniques.

  • Surround Sound: Covering the principles of surround sound and the process of creating and editing audio for surround sound systems.

  • Audio for Virtual Reality: The unique challenges and opportunities presented by sound editing for virtual reality experiences.

  • Audio for Radio: Needs of sound editing for radio, such as voiceover recording and mixing for broadcast.

  • Audio for Podcasts: Understand the specific needs of sound editing for podcasting, such as creating intros and outros, and optimizing audio for internet streaming.

  • Audio Post-Production Workflow: Explore the process of editing audio for film, television and other visual media, including the role of sound editors, re-recording mixers, and dialogue editors.

  • Audio Restoration: The process of restoring and preserving historical audio recordings, including noise reduction, equalization, and de-clicking.

  • Audio for Gaming: Unique challenges and opportunities presented by sound editing for video games, including interactive audio and adaptive music.

  • Audio for Animation: Learn about the process of sound editing for animation, including lip-syncing, sound effects, and character voices.


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